Tooth Extractions in SouthPark & Charlotte, NC

There are many reasons why you may require a tooth extraction, and although it sounds intimidating, the procedure can significantly benefit your well being. At ART Dentistry, we perform tooth extractions in our Charlotte dental office when it is necessary for the sake of your dentition. We aim to make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure so that you can restore your oral health and regain the natural functioning of your teeth.

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What is a Tooth Extraction?

An extraction is the process of removing one or more teeth from the mouth in order to benefit the health of the remaining teeth. A tooth may need to be removed for many reasons, including an infection that cannot be treated, a tooth that has become cracked or broken beyond repair, or a dental trauma as a result of tooth decay or accident. ART Dentistry gladly performs emergency extractions on teeth that need to me removed immediately from the mouth, and we do so in the most efficient and gentle way possible. We do not, however, extract impacted wisdom teeth from the jaw and refer to an oral surgeon in those cases.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

We provide tooth extractions as a last course of action for your oral health as we believe that saving the tooth is most beneficial for your bite alignment and jaw health. If, however, there is no other option but to remove the tooth, we will perform an extraction in our office and under anesthesia. Either nitrous oxide or an oral sedative can be given to make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure, however you will need assistance from a family member to take you to and from the dentist’s office. Tooth extractions are minor surgeries that involve removing the crown and its entire root from the socket in the jaw. The procedure is performed in the most minimally invasive manner possible so that you can have an easy recovery once the extraction is complete.

When it is decided that an extraction is necessary, we will discuss the restorative options that are available to replace your missing tooth. Dental implants, overdentures and bridges are all offered in our Charlotte office and we choose the best method based on the location of your missing tooth, the amount of teeth missing as well as your time frame and budget.

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If you have one or more teeth that are suffering from dental trauma or decay, contact ART Dentistry to determine whether a tooth extraction is necessary for your oral health. Contact our Charlotte dental office today and schedule an appointment!

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