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At ART Dentistry we love delivering dazzling results for our patients. We are a proud Charlotte-based provider of Zoom!® teeth whitening solutions, an industry leading whitening technology that’s safe, effective, and pain-free. Zoom!® works fast and delivers great results. It’s the perfect whitening solution if you have a wedding, prom, job interview, or some other special event that’s just around the corner.

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In-Office & Take Home Whitening TreatmentsZoom! Teeth Whitening in Charlotte - In Office & Take Home Kits

Zoom!® treatments can be conducted here at our Charlotte office or in the comfort of your own home. Patients who employ a mix of both treatment options stand to gain the best possible results.

Prior to our in-office treatment, a standard cleaning is required. Both the cleaning and the whitening can usually be done on the same day. The entire in-office whitening treatment lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. The in-office treatment involves the use of a hydrogen peroxide gel applied to the surface of the teeth. A specialized halide light (Zoom!® Light) is shone on the teeth to activate the gel. The light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide into small oxygen bubbles that break apart the carbon bonds responsible for the yellowing of the teeth. The take-home treatment involves the use of customized whitening trays that patients use on their own.  Zoom!® treatments are completely safe for your teeth and mouth when used properly. 

For Patients with Sensitive Teeth

If your teeth are exceptionally sensitive, then we’ll apply a specialized desensitizing gel to your teeth prior to your Zoom!® treatment. One of the advantages of Zoom!® over other whitening products is its gentle nature. If patients report any discomfort during the procedure it can usually be remedied by our use of desensitizing gel and, if needed, by the use of a specialized over-the-counter toothpaste such as Sensodyne®. 

ART Dentistry – Teeth Whitening Experts in SouthPark, Charlotte, NC

Our motto at ART dentistry is “aesthetics, relaxation, technology” and we vigorously apply all three of these aspirations to our professional whitening services. If you’re in or near the Charlotte area and would like more info about our professional teeth whitening services, then we encourage you to contact us, or you can request an appointment time online. We look forward to brightening your day, and your smile!  

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